Monday, May 15, 2006

I really should be ....

washing dishes, tidying up my kitchen and getting J.J. out of his high chair. But, I just wanted to type a few words before doing that. (hopefully he won't fuss too much! LOL!)
We had a wonderful day here yesterday for Mother's Day.j Spent most of the afternoon outside (trying to clean up our front garden and do some different things with it this year). Kailyn gave me a very special hand-made gift that she made at school and she was so excited about it (there was nothing that could wipe off that smile that was just glued on to her face as she handed me the gift! It was so sweet!)
On days like that I really wish that we lived closer to our families. I feel as though I miss out on celebrating some very special family times together. I love you Mom very much and miss you too. One day, I know (not too far off) we will be able to get together more often and be together to celebrate & enjoy each other.

Well, I need to go now and clean up and let me little guy run around.

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