Monday, July 31, 2006

Beginning of a new week!

Hoping for some nice weather again. We've been having quite a lot of rain lately. Much needed, of course. But now the sun is welcome to return.

Uploaded some new layouts at CX (for DT stuff - June). I was going to post some pictures here but it's taking forever right now so ... maybe later.

It's also load up week at STM (Hambly is our Sponsor this month). It was fun stuff to work with. You can check out the DT's work every day here. I post my stuff on Wednesday!! Yeah!!

It was Tim's 40th birthday yesterday!!! Yep! That's right! I can't believe that I'm married to a 40 year old either!! We had some friends over for supper and had a little celebration. (I had originally wanted to have a big surprise party but so many of our friends were away and I had also hoped to do something with family/friends while we were in BC but that didn't work out either). It's ok 'cause he doesn't really like to be fussed over or make a big deal of things like this.

Well, I hope that you're all doing well. I've been finishing up some assignments and now I think I'll go read for a bit. Take care.

Almost forgot to mention - Check the STM Challenge board tomorrow. I'm loading up a bunch of new challenges for the month of August!

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