Monday, September 18, 2006


my son Ryan!! He's going to his very 1st class of Preschool this afternoon. I can't believe it!!! He is so excited this morning and keeps asking me "when can I go?", "I wanna go to my school now Mommy!".
It's rather cute, actually. I just hope that he still feels this excited when we get there. I'm a bit worried that he'll get all shy (like he often does) and a bit scared for me to leave. You know, I'm kinda of thinking that we'll happen anyways. But, I'm hoping that he'll recover quickly. He knows that there's lots of great toys to play with so I'm sure he'll be fine.

Me, on the other hand .... well, it's going to be awfully quiet around here this afternoon because when I get home I'll put JJ down for a nap and then I'll enjoy a nice cup of coffee, maybe scrap, maybe clean, maybe do nothing! LOL!

I've been working on some WRMK projects. I've got quite a bit to get done these next 2 weeks. Yesterday afternoon I finished a layout but then decided I wanted to keep it for my albums so I had to make another layout. I was surprised how quickly that one came together and I even finished it last night. Now I like that one too but I guess I can't keep making new ones just because I like them & don't want to see them leave! LOL!

I just submitted a bunch of layouts to CK this past week and weekend - it would be exciting to get a call for 1 or some of those. But I'm not going to get my hopes up - it's been a while since I was published with them.

I've also got to work on some assignments for Canadian Scrapbooker. I just love this magazine and am just so thrilled that I was asked to work with them. I think the magazine is top-notch, too!

Well, I should run. Gotta to clean up the kitchen from breakfast and finish doing my wet hair before it really looks "purr-itty"!!

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