Sunday, October 01, 2006


I'm so excited!!!!! I just love chipboard!!! I seem to use it on most of my layouts these days and if I don't I feel as if isomething is missing. I know it's strange but for those of you who have that strange addiction to chipboard too, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Well, the exciting news is that Polar Bear Press is releasing 10 new packages of chipboard designs at Memory Trends in a couple of weeks. YEAH! They are called Polar Ice Chips! (love that name - great choice Alissa! ;))
There will be 4 sets of alphabet chipboard (in black, white, chocolate brown and rustic red) (sorry for the small pictures right now - that's all I've got);

6 sets of shapes (flowers, tags, birthday, Christmas, and 2 sets of nested shapes.)
In the pictures it just shows black and not the actual colors yet. I just got these pics from Kristy and I wanted to post them on my blog so that you could see them. I can't wait to start playing with this stuff!

It's called: Polar Ice Chips (isn't that a cool name?!!) There will be 10 new packages of chipboard. 4 sets of alphabet chipboard (in black, white, chocolate brown & rustic red colors) 6 sets of shapes (flowers, tags, birthday, Christmas and 2 sets of nested shapes) .

So, if you're going to Memory Trends you'll have to make sure that you check out the booth and all the new products!!


  1. Anonymous4:09 AM

    WOW - these look like a must have!!!!!

  2. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Oh you lucky duck!! Enjoy Cari!

  3. Anonymous6:51 AM

    another chipboard addict here checking in yo say those just look so awesome! LOVE them, Cari! :)