Friday, December 15, 2006

The tooth fairy came to visit our house!

That's right! Finally after months & months of waiting (and the new teeth actually growing in behind the baby ones) Kailyn lost her 1st tooth on Wednesday!!!! I picked her up from school and she came running to me and said "Look Mommy!!! My tooth came out!" She was so excited and could hardly wait to put that tooth under her pillow that night.
The other one is just tangling in there. They have both been lose for months now! Icould have so easily pulled it out but last night when we were brushing her teeth but she just covered her mouth. There was no way she was going to let me even look! She said that she wanted it to come out by itself! Alrighty then! So be it! I don't know how it keeps hanging there but it's sure to come out today!
And no! I still haven't taken a picture. But I'd better do that today.

Oh ya. I got an email from Paper Crafts yesterday requesting 2 cards!! Woohoo! I'm quite excited!


  1. Hey - yah, on the tooth coming out - please say 'Congratulations' to Kailyn for me!

    And it is awesome that Paper Crafts wants two cards - WTG!!!

    And I am rooting for you and the WRMK and Fancy Pants teams - you know I think the Fancy Pants booth is across the aisle from me at CHA!!!

    I love your clock! It looks awesome!

  2. oh, how fun! lauren has a couple of loose ones too... congrats on the cards! i'm not surprised! :)