Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day (yesterday)

I must begin by first saying that I am so blessed to have 3 beautiful healthy children. Ever since I was a little girl I had always dreamed of being a mommy and now that dream is reality. Sometimes a hard & tiring reality but it's one that I wouldn't change for anything! I love my children so much and they are my inspiration and my reason for being here right now.

Heard a very good message yesterday at church from our youth pastor. Was a challenge for me to work more on areas that I have been neglecting a bit as a mother. So I'm going to make sure that I do some changes in that area.

I woke up yesterday morning, took a shower, and when I came out of the shower there were my 3 kiddos sitting in my bed!! They look so cute and could hardly wait to wish my "Happy Mother's Day". It was very sweet.

Kailyn gave me this cute little clay pie that she had made a school. It has various designs on the sides (like her picture, a necklace, a donut (don't ask me why? LOL!),
Ryan gave me this lovely necklace that he made at preschool and has been reminding me that I am supposed to where it everywhere I go (because his teacher told him to tell us that! - thanks a lot Mrs. P!!! ) And as you can see most of the fruitloops are missing thanks to my kids!!
and Jayden, well, I'll take his little hugs & smiles all the time.

My children also told me that I get to go for a massage!!! Now that made my day!! I have been needing one of those for a while now & I can't wait to go.
After church we went out for lunch to Swiss Chalet for a nice meal. We haven't eaten out in a while and the kids behaved so well. I was very pleased with them. The kids got their deserts ...

(Kailyn eating a Chocolate Wiggler)
and also these watches that they wanted to wear right away (even though none of them can tell time!)

It was a wonderful day with family. I love being a mom!!

Oh! ... and my 1st day of work went great! I got to work with a fabulous person, Andrea. She's so sweet and was very patient with me too. I must admit my feet were a bit sore and I was kind of tired from being on my feet all day. Guess, I'm not used to that. I'll just have to go & get a comfy pair of shoes! heehee!

Getting my card class all ready to go for June. So if you're interested in doing some transparency cards keep you eyes open for the dates - they'll be posted soon. I'll post some pictures later.
I'm also working on a teacher gift class - still in the works but hopefully it'll come together (that will probably be in June too)

I've still been busy cleaning, puring & organizing my room and I think it's almost done. Just need to put some stuff in a box that I'm not going to use (and can use for RAK's, or prizes) and put away some of my altered stuff that I don't have room for right now. I'll post pics of my room soon (just need to tidy up a bit more!)

Well, I should go. It's laundry day and the next load is ready!

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  1. Oh...your kids are so cute! Love those adorable hand-made gifts - what a lucky Mommy you are!

    Loved working with you too!! :)