Friday, September 07, 2007

Such craziness!!!!

It's seems I'm just going, going, going today!
Trying to get everything ready for Kailyn's birthday party later today. It's kind of difficult though when 2 little ones running around everywhere. But I'm sure I'll get it done!

I managed to get her cake done yesterday. She wanted Tinkerbell so that's what she got.

However, I think this Tinkerbell looks like she's had a serious cold for about 2 months or so!!! Look at that nose!!! haha!! I just couldn't get it right - it's kind of hard when you have to do the black outlining before everything else. oh well. At least Kailyn still likes it. What's more important is that she still likes it even with the little fingerprints that are in it now (from her little brother!!!)

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who've been posting your cards! They're fabulous! It's going to be hard choosing a winner. I'll probably just do the "name-in-the-hat" thing - that way just seems easiest. For those of you still interested in taking part in the challenge you have until tonight to finish your card! Come one!! You can do it!!


  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    WOWZA...that cake ROX! Totally impressive and looks just like super cute! I hope her birthday goes great!

  2. I am like the BIGGEST Tink fan ever! I love it!! You are such a good Mama! Happy Birthday Kailyn!!

  3. I know who to call when I have a kiddo's cake to make! :)