Saturday, September 08, 2007

FInd out tomorrow!

Ok, you talented card makers!! Thanks so much for doing my little birthday challenge! I sure hope that you had fun making your cards.
I've gone through all of them and they're wonderful! Thank you SO much for playing!

I've got all of your names down and I'm going to have my daughter pick the lucky winner. However, she's in bed right now so I hope that you can all wait 'til tomorrow.

We'll be at church, then have a church picnic to go to. So I'll make sure to post the winner later on in the afternoon ok? Who knows. I may have to pick 2 winners! Ya never know. So check back tomorrow to find out.

Kailyn had a great birthday party last night too. The girls loved doing their crafts (of couse, I was too busy helping them that I didn't even get any pictures!! (sniff, sniff) OH well. At least they had fun, right?
She was spoiled with some presents too and has played with all day today (so have her brothers! heehee!)

Ok, I should go. But make sure to check back tomorrow.

(and Andrea, ... 'cause I know you'll probably peek at my blog over the weekend ... I had a great time working with you today!! ;) I even started working on my album tonight. The ideas are really starting to come now! Yeah!!

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  1. Oh, are so sweet! I had fun working with you too! I am so glad to hear that you are inspired and getting somewhere on your album! YAY!