Saturday, November 17, 2007

He's 3!!!!!

Wow!!! The last few years have just zipped by!! Truly, they have. It still seems like yesterday when I was holding my little guy in my arms for the first time.

J.J. has grown into such a fun little boy! I just love him so much! He loves to play with his cars & truth be told, I'm sure he could do it all day ... providing there was someone else playing with him too.

He loves to eat pretty much anything! Which is a nice change from our picky Ryan (although he's getting better too).

He's such a content little boy and a bit of a teaser too. I think that this litteone has got a great sense of humor and is going to make us laugh for many years to come. I've really been enjoying our "mommy-son" time in the mornings after I drop off the other 2 at school.

So, today we're going to just have a great family fun birthday party for Jayden. He was pretty excited about it yesterday. Maybe he was also excited because we were setting up his new bed. Well, I should go and make that birthday cake.
Happy Birthday my sweet boy!


  1. He is such a cutie! They grow up so darn fast don't they?!

  2. Love the picture...

    So glad you were able to have a little birthday party together.

    Happy Birthday JJ!

  3. Time does go so fast! They grow before we even know it. He sure is a cutie!

  4. Congratulations Cari. I remember when he was born, can't believe that it's three years since then! Where has time gone????? Hope your day was nice.
    Love, Svala