Monday, January 07, 2008

Back at it!

Well, today we march back into the daily routine of life. I think the kids really needed to get back into routine. They were getting antsy & bored and fighting quite a bit more than usual.

So I was up at 6:30am, had my devotions, checked email, got their lunches & snack ready, got the kids up, made them breakfast, sent them off (with Tim) and now I'm doing laundry and off to exercise in a few minutes.

I'm really glad to get back into the swing of things. I was started to feel tired all the time because we didn't have a daily schedule to follow. Now mind you, it was nice to just be lazy for a couple of weeks but it's also great to have a schedule to keep.

This past Saturday I took Kailyn to see Enchanted. What a great movie! I loved it! Definitely one to have for a home library. But then again I'm such a romantic and this was definitely that!

I've got a busy month ahead - full of fun assignments for Canadian Scrapbooker and Creative Xpress. Plus I'm working on some classes for Urban that I'm excited about as well.
Ever wonder what to do with all those Christmas cards that you received? Well, I saw the perfect idea by Kathy Thompson. I loved it so much that I made one myself. She made an album from all of her cards and it's just super cute! Check it out!

Here's my version. Yes, I totally copied her 'cause I loved it so much. ;) Plus it was a great way for me to use my Bind-It-All for the first time too. I still have some mastering to do but it's super easy to use.

Well, I'm off. Have a great day!


  1. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I knew you could do it, LOL!! Looks awesome Cari!

  2. This was a fantastic idea!
    I did one with our Christmas cards for this year. I don't have a bind it all, so I used my crop-a-dile to punch 2 holes (near the top) of each card and attached them with some very large zip ties. Not as pretty as yours or Karens', but still so easy!
    It got me thinking about doing something with the stack of other cards I just can't part with...

  3. Hi, I was wondering where you got your bind it all from? I live in Canada as well and am tired of paying crazy shipping from the states and would prefer to buy locally if possible (I'm in Alberta) but never know where to look. Thanks!