Thursday, January 24, 2008


I just wanted to share a couple of pics I took of JJ yesterday. Playing around with aperture and was trying to focus on his feet with him in the background being blurry. I think I did ok for playing don't you? Any feedback is always greatly appreciated as I am learning how to use this new baby! ;)So Dad, ... how am I doing huh?

I finished off some assignments last night. Yeah! It's always such a great feeling to check things off of my neverending list of "to-do's". Hopefully I'll be able to cross some more off tonight and tomorrow. Wish me luck.
I got a new book yesterday. Courtney Walsh's "Scrapbooking Your Faith". (sorry I can't find her blog right now)I'm sure I'll be reading this one over a few times. What a great book. It's definitely got me thinking of ways in which I need to incorporate my faith and feelings down on my pages. And scrap about what I'm thinking and what I believe so that my children will know these things years from now. Thanks Courtney for this inspiration.

Got some exciting plans coming up in the spring that I'll be able to share later. Can't wait!! Other than that life is pretty normal here, the same ... but getting better. I can see the Lord leading us in ways that I really didn't expect and I know that I need to keep trusting in Him every step of the way!

Well, off to read some books with my kiddos before bedtime. Take care!

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  1. well, I don't know what Dad thinks, but I think you're doing pretty darned good!!! I love these pictures. I need to play with manual mode on my camera's so fun! I remember being SOOO excited when I shot my first manual picture! The small things right?