Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Have you seen these??


These are fabulous & unique straps for your camera!!!!! What a great way to dress up your camera & look "oh so hip!"
AND, ... they're CANADIAN!!!! Yeah!!!!

Can you tell I'm excited about it? Well, that just might be because mine came in the mail yesterday and I LOVE IT!! I do believe that I want more - just for different functions that I go to (and to match my outfits!!! haha!) So, if you happen to check out their site and realize that you need to purchase one just tell them that I sent you over. (no I'm not getting anything for referrals just wanted them to know because I LOVE my strap!!)

So I've been busy working on some classes and things are coming together nicely. I'm quite excited about some of the classes that I've been working on for BC's Creative Expo. I'll show some peeks when I'm able to.

Things are busy around the house because we're trying to clean up & get stuff out!! Hoping to get this house on the market today!!!! I'm excited but also a bit sad. It's our 1st house and I think I may end up crying more than the kids!!!

Well, I gotta run. Time for the kids to be up & eating breakfast!
Have a great day!


  1. Wow, they have some gorgeous straps! Which one did you end up getting? Thanks for the link! I think I need to add one to my birthday list.
    Can't wait to see sneaks of your upcoming classes.
    And good luck with the house!

  2. Thanks for sharing this link. I love them, we are just about to order / purchase a Rebel XTi, so I will definately be ordering one of these straps for it - I just wish that I could order a really really girly pink one! but, since hubby will use it to I don't think that will go over so well!

  3. these are waaaay too cute...see a purchase coming on!

  4. HUGS Cari...I hope all goes smoothly and quickly with your move! :)