Monday, June 30, 2008

Hot stuff!!!

Boy! It's a hot one here today!!
Yesterday was 32 degrees I believe. Yes, a cooker! We took the kids to the parliament buildings where they have these wonderful fountains that you can play in! The kids loved it! I didn't risk taking my camera though - so no pictures.

I think we might take them to a little water park today too. It's just too hot to be inside and to hot for them to play outside unless they're in the water.

I'm trying to get some layouts done today for Canadian Scrapbooker as well, but man! My room is just an oven - these are the times when I wish I was in the basement.

It's Canada Day tomorrow and I'm hoping to take the kids to some festivities so that they can enjoy the day. I know that there's a lot going on in the city I just have to decide on where to go.

That's all I have for today. Not too chatty - just hot! ;)

I'll leave you with this layout that I did the other day.
Have a great Monday!

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