Monday, July 07, 2008

JUNE CX Projects

Since CX is still having some server issues I thought I'd share my projects here.

This is a layout I made out my parents 40th wedding annviersary last summer. Our assignments was to be about family/reunion/celebrations, etc.

Here's a picture to show how I made a flap so that I could display more photos.

An inside view.

And this layout is of my youngest playing with his cars. The assignment was to use the Cuttlebug templates, Coluzzle sysytem and /or Cricut. The cars are Cuttlebug dies (so cute!) and the license plate for title is a Coluzzle template.

So nothing exciting planned today just a bit of cleaning up as we had some friends over for supper last night. Plus we had 2 open houses over the weekend. We're still waiting for the "ones" to put that offer on our house. It's just so hard for me to patient but I know and keep trusting that the Lord has that perfect family to buy our house. And I just can't keep worrying about all the other details (i.e. moving, buying a house, finding the right school for the kids, etc.) because it will all fall into place. Plus He's already taken care of that.

We've been having some great summer weather mixed in with the typical thunder storms as well. The other day we were at the park with the kids and we could see the storm coming. Finally I said to my husband we'd better get them to the van. No sooner had I said that, we're running like stink because the rain is just coming down hard. As Tim closed the van door after Kailyn got in he looked ahead of him and saw this wall of rain just before he opened his door. You could even hear it!! It was so bizarre!!! Yes, he got in but still got soaked. Even as we drove home you could see the wall of rain coming along the dry road.

Ok, well, I should go. Hope you have a great Monday.
Oh, and I'll be sharing some exciting news this week sometime. Just waiting for it to get posted first.
Take care.

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  1. Beautiful layouts! i love how you added the extra photos on the page of your parents' anniversary!

    We've been having the same crazy weather here too. Although I must say I'm so relieved it's helping to cool our place down at night especially!