Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowy Fun!

Well, it seems that the Alberta snow didn't want to leave us alone this year!!!
It snowed non-stop yesterday!! Seriously! It did! Big, white, fluffly flakes.  It was actually quite pretty to look at ... not to drive in (although Tim doesn't mind driving in this stuff at all. Me, well, I'm more nervous of everyone else's driving not my own! )

After a lazy, sleep-in morning, and starting some laundry (oh, that reminds me I still have more to do!!!) we made our Gingerbread house.  The kids had a blast.  I'm sure JJ ate more than he put on but that's par for the course right? They did a really good job, don't ya think?
Anyways, today was a perfect day to be outside playing in the snow. The kids (and mommy & daddy) had a lot of fun today! They (along with Daddy's help) built a big pile of snow and then a tunnel inside with 3 openings so they each a place of their own.

JJ sitting on the top of the pile ... eating snow as always. ;)

Ryan with his head (and pretty much his entire upper body) stuck in the snow!!  Little dork!
On the top of the pile before we made the tunnel.
Kailyn being a goober!!
Oh, and this was before all the chaos started.  Thought I'd take a picture of how it looked so I could remember the gentleness of the snowfall.
Just a view of the dump we got.  And there's supposed to be more along the way. Fun huh?
Well, that's it for today.  Off to finish up more laundry!

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  1. awesome photos! looks like the kids had a blast! i love the sun shining in the photos too!