Friday, August 28, 2009

It's oddly quiet around here!

It's rather strange. It's just so quiet today.
I'm sitting here working on some class projects and scrappy assignments and I have the house to myself.  My mom took my daughter for a day of shopping and Tim took the boys out for the day! It's been really nice and I'm being quite productive as well. 

I've got lots of classes and teaching gigs coming up in the next couple of months so once school starts I'm going to be quite busy kitting.  I actually enjoy that process of getting everything laid out, cut up and then packaged. I'm not sure why - but I do.

Have you seen it yet?? The new Canadian Scrapbooker Basics Vol#4

 the reprint of Vol #1 CSB

and  the Fall '09 issue 

 have already hit the stands and online stores.   It's so exciting.  I love getting my copies, sitting down with a cup of coffee and taking my time looking through them page by page.

Talking about Canadian Scrapbooker you really should check out the website.  There's going to be a lot of exciting things happening this year.
On September 1st Sue Sykes will be running an online Photography course through Canadian Scrapbooker site.  There will be monthly prizes, assignments & an online gallery to post your photos!  So make sure to check this out in a few days!

Ok, back to work!


  1. I love the sound of silence in the house sometimes. I think it does the soul good to have some 'me' time. I wish I were as productive as you though. Most of the time I only get to fold laundry before they are back! LOL. Hope the running is going good still!

  2. I haven't been without kids in my house since I was 21 and have never lived on my own so when I get an empty house it's like a little slice of heaven (for awhile anyway). I get so much done (well scrapping anyway!) Looks like exciting stuff going on there with the Candian Scrapper!