Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sick kids & a sneak peek

Yes, the sickies have hit our household. Kailyn stayed home yesterday from school with a cold and is home again along with Jayden who's got the sniffles as well. I don't like having my kids go to school with running noses & sneezing. I'd hate to know that they spread their germs to other kids ('cause I hate it when it happens to my kids!)

We're having a beautiful fall here. It's just so wonderful. I really need to get out & take pictures though. I've been so busy with classes that I keep forgetting to just enjoy the days outside.

I finished up another class yesterday that I'll be teaching in November at Scrapping Away retreat in Harrison.

Here's a peek.
It's a layout workshop where we'll be creating 3 single page layouts using the new Krafty collection from Paper Trunk. It's just so pretty ... but then again it's kraft colored so I'm going to love it anyways!!
Well, off to get the kids some lunch.

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  1. Can't wait to take this class!!! :-)