Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Successful and a question for you!

Well, the garage sale went on ... even with a teeny tiny bit of rain. I'm so thankful though that we had our big tent. I was worried that morning though thinking it would be called off at the last minute. So glad that it wasn't because I stayed up making a banner for the tent, my daughter was excited to help out and we sold quite a bit of stuff. (still have a bunch to get rid of though)

Here's Kailyn & me in aprons that my mom made. (she sews these all the time and sells them at The Little White House in Fort Langley - they're all black & white though and each one is different! They're fabulous.

And here's the banner that I worked on. Nothing fancy but it was fun to make.
Thanks Pat for the pics.

Ok, I've been thinking about this for a long time as was wondering what many of you thought about this topic. How many of you have taken on-line classes before? Do you like the 1 week class or the 5-12 week kind? These classes are the kind where you can sign up/pay but do it in your own time.
I've been thinking about doing this and was wondering what all of you though and whether or not you'd be interested. Please leave me your comments as I'd be interested in knowing your thoughts. And who knows ... maybe I'll have a little giveaway!!!!

Well, I need to get off of here and head to bed as I've done something to my back and the only place it feels good is lying down. So I'm outta here ... but before I go I'll leave you with another layout that's in the fall issue of Canadian Scrapbooker.
Our challenge was to create a layout using mosaics. So I did that to my photo - 3 large pieces not a bunch of small ones.

Supplies used: Core'dinations cardstock, Rose Moka alpha stickers, Stampin' Up brown clip

Good night!


  1. I love those flowers! Great layout, love the colors.

  2. Those aprons are really cute! They look teacher-y. I am a teacher, but I don't like the oldie looking stuff. Your aprons are cute!

  3. Love the aprons. Glad you were still able to have the garage sale. I love online classes. I like the longer classes.

  4. Those aprons are soooo cute, and glad the drizzle wasn't too much of a downer! I think an online class would be're style is fantastic and I would definitely be interested in seeing what you come up with! :)

  5. I like online classes. Longer is better if you get to learn more techniques. those aprons are adorable!

  6. Oh Cari I love you hyacinths, those are miraculous!! I love them great job!!

  7. LOVE those aprons. Love. I've been wanting to find some for myself and my 4 year old daughter to match. We love cuppycakes, so that is probably the design i would want to choose. :)
    I have never taken an online course, but I think that a longer one would be great. And one that works with single mom's schedules and working... maybe courses we can do at our own pace? Or when we have free time? I don't know how they typically work, but I'd be interested to try!

  8. Wow! Those lavenders are awesome!! And I loved how you cut up your picture. I think that look is really cool and am itching to try it!
    I've signed up for a couple of those on-line classes and while the idea of them is great I have failed to find the time (or is that MAKE the time) to do the projects! The usual state of affairs around here is that as soon as I sit down to scrap one or more of my daughters decides that they have spent long enough in independent play and think "what's Mommy doing? She must be desperately lonely and bored since we've been playing so nicely for so long. Let's go hang out at her elbow for a bit!" LOL!
    But I do think they are a good idea and hold on to the dream of completing the work ... one day!

  9. Those flowers are beautiful! You are just so talented!

  10. Love the flexibility of on-line classes, and I like the forums to communicate with the teacher and the other students as well as a place to post & share our creations!! I don't have a preference for the length, it's all fun! :-) Will you be offering kits to go along with your classes? Sometimes it's nice to have it available in a kit, other times I like using up my stash (perhaps a class on using up our stash?). Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  11. I like the on-line classes, much prefer the shorter ones due to attention-span and money..