Friday, February 17, 2012

Just wanted to share ...

So excited that this is finally up. I know that Core' has been extremely busy but I must admit that I'm thrilled to see this up finally because I absolutely LOVE this company!! I have been designing for them since 2009 and last year I started working on classes for them. I thoroughly enjoy working for Core' designing quarterly projects (that you will get to see on the videos now) and monthly classes for retailers. Core'dinations is just so amazing and their cardstock is #1!!! Without a doubt!

I hope that you'll stop by and take a look at the videos that we've got up & started now. We thrilled about these and look forward to posting more in the future. (don't forget ... it's totally free to sign up for the videos too. So spread the word!)

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  1. Congrats Cari! Sounds like you're busy and enjoying doing what you love!