Saturday, September 21, 2013

Altered Canvas

I've seen so many canvases out there with fun quotes on them.  Subway art is a hot trend these days!
To give you an example ... here's what I'm talking about.

And I love them & was going to buy one but then I thought to myself .... I could totally make one of those myself!! It wouldn't be that hard. PLUS I could do it for cheaper.

So I headed out and got some canvases from Michaels.  I found some 12" x 24" ones.  I wanted a bit bigger but they were more money so I stuck with these.

I first began the project by painting the canvas a super fun turquoise color. (and of course, I wasn't on the ball here and took zero pictures of the 1st few layers of painting. :().

I waited until it dried and then painted a dark chocolate brown over top of the turquoise. (again, NO picture!)
I waited 'til it dried. (patience is not my strong point)

Once dry I painted another thin coat of creamy/white overtop of the brown. I wanted it to be a bit distressed looking so I didn't mind the streakiness and bits of brown showing through.  I didn't paint the sides of the canvas though. I let the brown show.

This time I needed to leave it overnight so that it was completely dry in order to complete the next step.

I cut out a quote from vinyl on my Silhouette. You can get it from the Silhouette online store.
And carefully adhered it onto the canvas. (Tip: I actually cut it in half so that it was easier to adhere because it was a long piece of vinyl).

Once the vinyl letters/quote were adhered I took a sanding block and gently sanded around the edges of the canvas revealing the turquoise from beneath. It turned out quite well.

 And one more close up.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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