Saturday, September 14, 2013

So proud!

My little guy has been waiting to join in on the Cross Country at school for quite some time now.
And this is his year to start.

So this past week they started block runs. They do these 2 times a week (I think :)).  He was so excited for the first one. I stayed in my van and parked where I could see them start the run.  I see the kids coming around the corner and there, ... in 1st place is my boy Ryan!  He just goes at lightning speed and keeps a steady pace the whole entire time. (makes me rather jealous).  Then in 3rd I see my little guy coming with a big grin on his face as he sees me in the van watching.

I let them go on ahead for a bit and then decide to follow along behind as they're nearing the end.  Well JJ was working hard and I could hear him breathing heavy. I told him to take it easy and save his energy for the upcoming hill. He did . And then booted it up the hill coming in 4th place!

Then this past Friday they had block run again.  This time his brother was on a field trip.  He was a bit nervous about running because of how tired he was the last time and his legs hurt him for a few days. (us old geezers know that pain all too well!!!).
Anyways, later that day when we at home he announces with a big grin .... "I came in 1st PLACE TODAY!"
We were shocked and thrilled for him.  He's one of the smaller ones in his class and running against some bigger Gr. 7's  ... well, it's pretty amazing.

And yes, I'm a very proud mamma!  Love my boys!


  1. That is great. My daughter's school offered cross country to the grade 2's and she decided to join. I can't wait to watch her first race.

  2. Congrats to your sweet boy, Cari! What a winner!