Tuesday, September 03, 2013

First Day

Well, today was the first day back to school.
I'm not sure my boys were all that excited to be going back because they have practically lived outside all summer. So sitting at a desk all day long is not exactly on their list of high-excitement activities!
But they did have a good day none-the-less.

And of course, I just had to take some pictures. But it was a rather rainy dark morning.
Ryan (Gr. 6) and Jayden (Gr. 4) Yikes!!

I just couldn't get a normal smile from my little man though. He was in a silly mood!

And then we have Miss Kailyn who went to a new school for Gr. 8 today (for just an hour). She was excited about that because usually the kids have gone for the full day.
Trying to meet up with her friends wasn't easy at first in a school of almost 2000 but she managed to see all of them.
I'm praying that her first full day tomorrow will go smoothly and that she won't get lost walking around the hallways.

I'll be praying for them daily & hoping that they will all have a great school year, make new friends, learn lots and have fun too.


  1. I hope the kids have a great year. I hope Miss K has some of her friends in her classes. I am sure she will do wonderfully. Teachers and staff are usually pretty forgiving the first few days, knowing that the kids may get lost a bit.

    10th grade for my middle and 1st grade for my littlest. Don't know how that happened. Time just goes too fast. This is going to be an interesting semester for my girl. No friends in her classes or in her lunch. I hope she finds some good kids to hang out with. She is skeptical being she has been in school with most since 1st grade. Little Mr. - it will be interesting as well, adjusting to being in a desk all day and a new teacher. I don't think we lucked out like we did last year with his teacher.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS, I thought looking at the boys that they had got big but then came Kailyn's picture. She has blossomed into quite the young lady. I would never have thought that she had got SO grown up. Wowzers. Time is flying :-( I can hardly imagine a school with 2,000 pupils. Our boys school has 460 and Darcey's has around the same. How big are the classes, Cari? I hope they all have a wonderful year ahead.