Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Class Kits for Sale!!!!

Hi everyone!!

I've been busy cleaning out our garage and I have a whack load of old class kits to sell and get rid of.
Most of them are $10 kits so it's a super awesome deal!!!

If you are interested in purchasing any of these kits please email me.

Email addy: cari_locken@yahoo.ca
Postage is not included in the prices so YOU will be responsible for that. I will give you an estimate once you place your order.
Payment form accepted: Cheque or Paypal. Please note that your package will not be sent out until I have received your payment.

*All class kits come with coloured instructions which will be emailed to you upon full payment.
*Please note the comments on each class. Some tools, products were used during class time that are not part of the kit contents. You will be responsible for substituting those items.

So here's what I've got.

Card Kits: all kits are $10

1. Simply Perfect (it does say $15 but has been reduced to $10)

2.  Creatively Expressed - only 3 kits left!

3.  A Bouquet of Cards

4.  Impress Me

5.  Box It Up - only 1 Kit left!  SOLD OUT

Christmas Wreath kit - $10 - only 4 left!

Mini Albums: 

1.  Charming Favs - $15

2.  Home Sweet Home - $15

3.   So Thankful - $10
You could also change the entire theme of this album to whatever you want (Father's Day, Fall/Autumn, Boys/Men, Summer favs, etc)

Sorry I'm sold out of all my layout kits but I do have a Canvas Layout Kit. You can just do the layout for $10 or add the canvas for $12.

I have 5 paper kits left  but only 2 canvases so 1st come 1st serve!

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