Sunday, May 04, 2014

Nail Art

My daughter loves doing her nails. She loves bright colours and fun styles.

So when I decided I wanted to paint my nails some funky designs for my sister in laws 40th birthday party (because it was an 80s theme) my daughter was very eager to do my nails for me.

At first I was a bit tentative because I didn't want to have nail polish all over my fingers but this girl rocked!! She did an awesome job and everyone at the party thought so too!!

I've got a Rubik's cube on one finger and pac man on the other.

And Boy!!!
I totally forgot how much work the 80s were!  It took forever to get ready. Seriously ... it took me so long to do my hair and the amount of hairspray I had to use to keep things in place was ridiculous!

I'm so glad things are simpler now. I could hardly wait to wash my hair and get all of that hairspray off (never mind the pound of makeup I was wearing!)

So  ... today we've been doing our nails again.
This time I decided to try out the nail stencils that you can purchase from the Silhouette Online Store - here.
She wanted the Chevron design and I decided to try out the Side Dots.

Here's the process we took:

  • cut out the file using small scraps of vinyl (* make sure to use the vinyl setting when you cut (I also changed the speed settings on my machine to cut a bit slower because of the intricate details). 

  • then paint base coat colour on nails 

  • wait & wait for the colour to dry completely (this was rather painful for my daughter because she was very eager to get the design on) 
  • once the nail polish is completely dry (and not tacky at all) peel the vinyl nail shape from the backing and carefully apply overtop of the nail 

  • then paint over the stencil design using the 2nd desired colour of nail polish. Again you need to wait & wait for the nail polish to dry before taking off the vinyl.

Then the fun again .... wait until the nail polish dries completely before taking off the vinyl pieces.

Here's the finished look!

I tried doing mine as well.
(not the neatest job ever - I think it's time for some new nail polish because we've got some pretty clumpy stuff here) It would look great on someone with long nails too. I just don't ever have those because I play & teach piano plus I can't stand the feeling of clicking & clacking all day long!

Ah, well, it was fun and time well spent with my girl. That's what matters most!


  1. I have short nails and never polish them because my fingers are always in dirt or dishwater, but I had no idea that Silhouette had nail stencils and I have bookmarked several, they're so cute! Thanks for pointing them out! (Saw your post on Pinterest :) )

  2. SO fun! And while I am thrilled that hopefully we are getting past the resurgence of the 80's styles and colors, honey, you can ROCK the 80's!!! Hugs!