Monday, October 09, 2006


My brother and his family came to visit us for the weekend (they left first thing this morning) for Thanksgiving. It was such a nice treat to have them here & we had a great time. The kids had so much fun playing with their little nephew, Kale. He is the same age as Jayden (JJ is just 3 weeks older than Kale). It was fun to watch them all together. Mind you, it was just a bit noisy in the house at times!
We enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner yesterday and are looking forward to leftovers for supper today!
While the turkey was cooking yesterday afternoon we all went out for a walk and played in the leaves. Got some good pictures too. And the kids needed the fresh air as well.
Here's some pictures that my brother took. I took some too but I haven't uploaded them to my computer yet. We tried to get all 4 kids looking at the same time but it was impossible (nevermind the fact that we couldn't get them to just sit down at the same time!)

Have you ever tried to take a picture with 4 kids under the age of 6 - and have them all look at the camera at the SAME time?? (Nevermind sit down for a total of 3 seconds!) It's pretty much impossible!!

Well, at least this one they're all looking at the camera! LOL!

Isn't our little Jayden getting big?! He'll be 2 next month!! I can't believe it myself! He's such a delightful & happy little boy! Love his blonde hair & rosey cheeks.

I've got more pictures but I'll wait to share. I may just scrap some of them.

We tried taking a family picture so I'm hoping that it turned out. I still have to finish up that roll of film though.

Well, I hope that you all had a wonderful turkey dinner and made some new memories with family & friends (and to all of my US friends your turkey days are coming in a month! Hang in there!)


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    These photos are precious! What a challenge to get them all to sit still. You did way better than I would have!

    Enjoy the time with your family.

  2. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Great shots though! Look at all those beautiful blonde babies!! And WOW Jayden is getting big indeed!!