Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just posting ...

a layout that I finished up earlier this week. I had started it at my 2nd crop (yes, you read that right! Only been to 2 crops) and it was sitting here waiting for me to finish it. I'm quite happy with how it turned out too.
I'm looking forward to going to the next crop (not sure when it is yet but maybe this time I'll get even more accomplished ... instead of looking and shopping in the store!)
I may be teaching my 1st class in November too!!! Yikes!! Exciting and scarey at the same time.

I finished one of my CX assignments the other day and dearly wish that I could share it here but I'll have to wait 'til next month. I'm working on another assignment (well, haven't actually started yet but I'm thinking about what I'm doing.) and that one I will be able to show. It's a DT challenge at Creative Xpress -
here's the link (a Color Challenge) There's already some amazing layouts posted. It's always so fun to see what people come up.

Well, I'm off to go & sit with my hubby on the couch and then watch LOST! Yeah! Love that show!


  1. cool abotu the crop & the class - spill - where and when :)
    lvoe the layout!

  2. Hi Anam!
    The class will be at Creative Scrapbook & Cards (on the west end near WEM) and the project is an accordian mini album which is also an ornament for your christmas tree. Trisha designed it - it's very cute and sparkly!

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    LOL Cari! I saw this layout at ACOT the other day and I loved it! I didn't know it was you! Love your stuff!

  4. Your family picture is wonderful! It is amazing to see how much K, R, and JJ have grown! It also inspires me to fiddle around and alter our header on blogger :)oy.
    Hugs, Kristin