Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday morning ...

came a bit too early today. Tim & I had a really nice evening last night. We had a fabulous dinner out and then we went & looked at the camera that I'm dreaming of. (Nikon D-80) oooh it's so nice. Sometime ... maybe! ;) We were going to go to a movie and then just decided to rent one instead. We were tired. We're so exciting eh? LOL!

As I'm almost asleep I hear Ryan starting to cry. He does this once in a while where he'll start crying and shaking ... like he's having a nightmare. Well that happened twice so the second time I let him sleep beside me ('cause I was so tired) . Not a good idea. I did not sleep very well at all. Morning came waaaaay too early because Tim had to leave the house this morning at 6:30am for a conference this weekend and Ryan could hear him getting ready. So then Ryan wanted to get up. I tried to keep him in bed as long as possible ... mostly because I was so exhausted. Well it didn't last long. So 6:45 am he's wanting to get up. Ok, I guess I'll get up too & have a shower before the other kiddos get up.
So here I sit now, kids all fed, playing nicely downstairs and I'm drinking my coffee and trying to wake up! It'll definitely be an earlier night tonight!

I'm hoping to get some scrapping done today but we'll see. It's always hard when Tim isn't around. But we'll see how things go today.

Oh and before I forget this was just posted yesterday.
The prices for Canada's Crop for Kids have been posted for the Edmonton event. CHECK IT OUT HERE if you're interested! It's going to be fabulous!


  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Oh those kind of nights can be exhausting! Did you manage to get any scrapping done today? Try to get to bed early!!!

  2. My son used to get night terrors when he was around 2 or 3,where he was totally out of it and freaking out. He is almost 7 now. He doesn't seem to have thme anymore, but he has some major anxieties.
    hope it isn't something that is recurring for you all.