Monday, October 29, 2007

Where has it gone?

Can you tell me? I can't believe that it's the last week of October already! I really can't. This month has just flown by. I'm probably feeling that way because I had so much to do this past month but it was all good and I thoroughly enjoyed it all!

My boys have been sick with colds and Ryan has stayed home from school because of it. I hate sending my children to school when they're sick because I don't want other people to catch it. (so naturally, it really bugs me when other kids come to school sick and make my kids sick!) Oh well, what can ya do? So yes, he's home again today because he's got a pretty bad cough. There must be some kind of virus going around right now. I'm sure Kailyn will get it next.

Can you believe it? We had snow last week. On Thursday afternoon I was walking upstairs and happened to look out our big family room window and noticed the snowflakes. I yelled to the kids "It's snowing!" They were so excited but me, not so much! I am SO not ready for this white stuff. Anyways, we woke up the next morning to a light dusting of snow which quickly disappeared in a few hours. Thank goodness! I'm just hoping that it won't get too cold yet and that the snow will hold off for a few more weeks. Last year it snowed ( a lot) the end of October and that was the last time that we saw the ground until VERY late spring. It was a LONG winter last year. But we've been blessed this past month with such beautiful weather so I really can't complain.

Well, I've got another busy week of projects to complete and start working on.
  • Right now I'm working on a Christmas card class for Urban. I got a couple of cards done yesterday and I'm so excited about them.
  • I've also got to finish an article I'm working on along with some projects to go with that for the end of the month.
  • I need to clean house because my parents are coming on Thursday.
  • I MUST do laundry today!
  • I teach piano lessons
  • Ryan's special day is this week at school (so I need to go to that)
  • I need to get the kid's costumes ready for Halloween
I'm also realizing (as I'm working on Christmas assignments) that I need to start thinking about my own Christmas projects. Like Christmas cards, gifts, crafts, baking (I know I don't need to start that yet) teacher gifts. I have so many little projects that I want to try - just hoping that I'm able to find the time to do so. I have a feeling that November is going to be no different than this month!

Well, speaking of my list of "things to do" I'd better get started with that laundry pile!

Have a great day!


  1. Whew! You are one busy girl! Somehow, we manage to get everything done just in time...isn't it amazing?!

    It was nice to work with you on saturday! Hope to see you again soon!

  2. I sure understand about the sickness and school thing! I don't like it when kids are sick in class.

    I need to get working on Christmas projects as well since you are right it has gone fast. I couldn't believe it!

    We have had our first frost last night. But thank goodness no snow!

  3. good luck with your to do list!

  4. Yes, October did fly by in a breeze! Wish it would last a little longer since it's my favorite month.

    Sounds like you have a lot on your plate in the weeks and month ahead! I'm sure I'll be up to my neck with stuff to do as well.

  5. sounds like you are super busy, cari! best of luck with that list!