Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, Monday

Not too sure why that song just popped into my head.

Anyways, hope you had a great weekend. Our weather was just fabulous here!! So nice & warm & sunny!! My crocuses are even up!! Woohoo! And I can see the tulips starting (hopefully we won't get any frost in the next couple of weeks ... you just never know here though.) It was a treat, that's for sure because today it's cool, with rain and a bit of wet snow too.

I'm still trying to get back into regular routine here after being away for spring break. So, not too much to say right now. Got a ton of laundry to get done and cleaning. So I'm off again.

Have a super Monday!


  1. pssst Cari...don't you have a 'typo' on your layout? empty?

  2. OH my goodness Crystal!!! I do!!!
    I was doing that layout so late at night!!! I'm hiding right now!

    Ok, it's coming down and I'm changing that!!

  3. Anonymous7:14 AM

    what layout?? LOL! No tulips here yet, but I did see a few crocuses yesterday :)