Friday, June 24, 2011

Winner ... and a bit of a bumpy week!

I'm sorry for the delay in announcing the winner from My Scrapbook Studio post HERE. It's been a bit of bumpy road for me this past week and I'll share that with you in a moment.

But first I want to share with you the winner of those Imaginisce goodies I posted HERE.
The winner is ......

Blogger Danielle said...

Great Scrap Space!

I took over my nursery, its small, but it works!

I love baskets! All my punches are in a huge basket that sits on my floor next to my desk for easy reach

4:41 AM


Congratulations Danielle. If you could email me with your mailing info that would be super!

So on to my story of this past week's events.

This whole experience has come as a HUGE shock!
I took the kids to school on Monday morning, came back home, changed into my running clothes 'cause I was going to go for a run. Went to the bathroom and then realized I forgot something upstairs. All of sudden (and I mean this was just a sudden thing) I had these strange ache in my upper middle chest. And then the ache and pain starting going down the back of my arms. It was strange. It wasn't sharp pains but the intense tension inside. I don't know what it was but something told me that I shouldn't go run. So I decided to have a shower instead and just get dressed for the day. I went out & did some errands 'cause we're planning a b-day party for my middle one (9th b-day) this Saturday. While I was out I still had this wierd ache and it was really uncomfortable. I came back home and the pain had subsided somewhat but was still there but I went about & cleaned off our front porch and swept it then went inside, had some lunch and spent some time on the computer before picking up my kids.

I started to feel the ache and pain seemed to get more intense when we got back home. I phoned my mom to ask her about some things and mentioned my pain to her & she said I should go to the hospital. Well, I hate going to the hospital because I truly thought it would pass. I was even going to wait it out 'til the next day. After getting off the phone I decided to go to a walk-in clinic first so I rounded up my kids and not everyone was being very co-operative so that made it harder. But they eventually realized that mommy wasn't feeling very well at all. I get to the clinic and they're not taking anyone, I mentioned that I was having chest pains and they said go right to the hospital. So I'm beside myself now thinking ok, I've got to drive there with my kids ... Lord please keep us safe. I phone my hubby and tell him where I'm headed. (now I have to admit that I kind of complain to him about pains that I have and his response is usually not all that sympathetic ... and I can't blame him but this time for some reason he felt it was different.) He met me at Emerg and we waited it out. I had several tests done until they realized that something was wrong and told me I was having a heart attack. A HEART ATTACK!!!! I couldn't believe it! Me. I'm only 42 years old!!!

They weren't too sure what the exact problem was and said that I needed to have an angiogram done at another hospital. (this is when they go through your groin with a catheter-type instrument and up to the heart to check out what's wrong I was taken by ambulance the next day. They found out that the left descending anterior artery has spontaneously dissected (torn). They had to put in 2 stents in order for it to open up again and have the blood flowing. I was awake for the procedure (as it wasn't an "operation" where they cut you open) so even though it was painful and uncomfortable it was kind of cool to watch it on the monitor as they were working. Of course, that was in between me sleeping and waking myself up with my snores! Great huh?
I am so grateful to the hospital staff and doctors as everyone was so nice and wonderful. It was amazing. And the response was so quick that I'm so thankful to God for his watchful care over me & my family.
The doctors don't know why this happened as it is a very rare thing - like 1 in a million people have it. Often women who are pregnant or post-menopausal.

But I am doing ok now and resting at home. I will definitely be taking it easy and learning how to manage things that stress me out so much (as I'm not very good at that and let little things really get to me).So I've got some learning to do.

Anyways, thanks to all of you for being patient with me in posting the winner. You never know what can happen in life and this was a reminder to not take any of it for granted. Realize what is MOST important in your life and love & hug them everyday!!

And ladies, if you ever, EVER feel any kind of strange feeling in your chest whatsoever DO NOT IGNORE IT!!!! I was going to that and I'm so glad that I didn't ... because I might not be here today to share my story with you. So please, I encourage each & every one of you to get yourself to the hospital immediately if you ever feel anything out of the ordinary. Don't ignore your body. (yes, as you can see I will definitely be a HUGE advocate for heart disease now.)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and thanks to so many of you who I know have been praying for me & my family. We truly appreciate it.


  1. Bethie11:29 AM

    So glad you are well and bouncing back. Love, health and abundance to you! Love you!

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I'm just so thankful for answered prayers Cari...I have been so worried about you! Very happy that you are back home with Tim, Kailyn, Ryan & JJ! Love always, Ki

  3. Cari you are so awesome...I'm as shocked as you were! I'm so glad that you are a healthy person already as I know that your heart was in good shape before this which is a good thing. Boy, you've got to be feeling those prayers...they are coming from all over North America!
    Thats because you are loved by many...<3

  4. Hey beautiful!! You sure gave yourself and all of us quite the scare there!! I am fully convinced that God had His hand on you in so many ways and am so very thankful for His protection :) Now it's time to "Be still and know" and take some time to let yourself heal real well!!! Let me know too if you are still going through with your summer plans to visit... we'd still love to see you :) Blessings, Allison

  5. Oh my gosh, Cari! That must have been so scary. I'm glad you are okay. You are so healthy - what a shock. Praying for a complete recovery for you.

  6. I'm so happy that you are getting better Cari. I still can't get over that you, of all people, got hit by heart troubles. Take care and rest now. You sure are "one in a million" Lots of love, hugs and kisses.

  7. Silly me, that comment from Skrapp og gaman is from me, Svala (Iceland)!!!!!!

  8. Happy to hear that you are doing okay. I was worried after a few posts on Blogs and FB that made mention that something had happened. Rest easy.

  9. So glad that you are doing better..don't ever ignore a pain again.

  10. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Prayers for you Cari!!! I am happy to hear you are resting and feeling better. Take care and RELAX!!!


  11. So glad to hear you were diagnosed and treated quickly at the hospital--shame on that urgent care for sending a Mom with kids into a car with chest pains! Hoping you have a speedy recovery and are back to enjoying your summer ASAP.

  12. I am so glad that you got to the hospital when you did. Hoping you have a quick recovery and take it easy!! I know easier said than done

  13. Cari, so glad you are well!!! Hope you have a quick recovery, and thanks for sharing your Story! God Bless you!!

  14. i am so glad you went when you did!! and no it sure isn't something to mess with.. at any age it can happen. i am glad someone was looking out for you and your family! hugs!

  15. So glad to hear you are home safe and well. As a nursing student, I am aware of the significanace of chest pain but it is always so great to hear "real" storieis to bring it all together and really state the importance. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  16. So happy you are back at home and on the mend. Will be giving thanks to God for his wonderful care of you and your family during this challenge.

  17. It's great you are back on track. It is so good you are warning ladies to get it checked if they experience any weird pain. My heart did similiar last year. It was very scary but the typical signs of 'heart attack' just weren't there. x

  18. Praying for a speedy recovery for you Cari!!

  19. I am so glad you ended up going to the hospital. Perhaps God was gently nudging you along the way! You must
    have an incredible pain threshold to
    keep on trucking the way you did.
    So glad the doctors were able to "fix" you as quickly as they did and
    that you will go easy on yourself
    for quite awhile!
    Jennifer, Calgary

  20. Oh Cari, I am SO glad you are doing better!!! We were all so worried about you!! You take care of yourself and rest up! :) I hear you on letting those little things get to you. I am kind of like that too. But, also working on not letting them! Hugs!

  21. Maggie Fernandes9:07 PM

    Cari, That must have been sooo scary. Praying for a speedy recovery for you. Maggie

  22. Holy Moly!! How scary. I'm so glad you trusted your gut and got checked out. And that you're okay now. I get chest pains all the time that I ignore but now I will pay more attention to them.
    Take care and take it easy!!!

  23. Pat Chadwick9:37 PM

    Cari, I'm so glad you are on the mend. My mom had the same procedure done on her a few years ago, and she is doing exceptionally well. You will be back to yourself in no time at all..Hugs..

  24. OMG What a scare. I can't believe you put off going to the hospital all day. You are lucky it worked out. If necessary, think about some kind of medication (ask DR.)that would help you deal with stress. Glad you are okay.

  25. Auntie Di8:20 AM

    Cari - we are so thankful that you are safe and on your way to full health again.
    Another note - please ladies - do not drive yourself to the hospital. You could pass out and while you may have survived the heart problem - you may not survive a car accident. Cari, I am surprised the clinic allowed you to drive. This is the perfect time to call 911 - don't hesitate to do this if you feel it is chest pain.... Better safe than sorry.....
    Love you so much -
    Aunt Di

  26. So glad your ok!Unfortunatly many women ignore the signs and pay the price,relax and take care!

  27. Precious friend... I have never been so relieved as I was the day we recieved word that you were going to be okay. Such a shock for you, Tim and your family, but the outcome has been a prayer answered. Rest, relax and stay well. x

  28. Hi Cari,

    So glad to hear you are on the mend. We have all been thinking of you and wishing you well. Take care of yourself and don't over do it!

  29. Glad to hear you are back home. Women have very different pain for heart attacks, you will be a good person to educate more women out there to be more aware. Take care

  30. SOOOOO glad to hear you are ok take it easy, rest and enjoy being with your family!

  31. Blessings are being sent your way!! So glad you are ok!!!!

  32. So glad that you are on the mend! Get well soon!

  33. what a totally horrifying ordeal for you and your whole family... sending you prays and strength

  34. So glad you went to the hospital and they could help you.

    best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  35. Dear Cari,
    all the best to you, make sure to take things very easy!!!
    So glad the doctors could fix everything so timely and well. Take good care!