Monday, August 12, 2013


Ok, I'm sure that many of you have heard of The Pioneer Woman.  If you haven't then you really must head on over to her site.  She's an amazing lady!!!! Her blog is called Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and I just love reading her posts.

I have stopped by her blog numerous times but it wasn't until last week when we were away on vacation and visiting some family that I had a chance to look through her cookbooks!!  oh my goodness!! They are amazing.  And her photography is throughout her cookbooks.  I'm definitely asking for a book for christmas because I didn't want to put them down.  Her writing is so inviting and captivating that I just didn't want to stop reading.

So the other day I was looking through some recipes on her site and came across this one called "Dreamy Apply Pie".  My folks were coming over for dinner and I wanted to make a dessert so I decided to make this.
Now beware, this is not your typical apple pie.  This is intoxication-divine in a pie plate!!!  Oh my!

Here's my pie.

My daughter could hardly wait for the pie to cool off just a bit. She was so excited to eat a piece!

I usually make my own pie crust but I thought I'd try out the recipe that Ree raved about and I'm glad I did because it was wonderful. (thanks Sylvia!)

I also made the "Hard Sauce" which was incredible. (yes, I confess, I licked the spoon many times.  Oh who am I kidding ... I poked my finger in that bowl over & over!) Trust me ... you'll wanna put this on everything!!
(Ree's may have looked smoother & swirly-like but I'm pretty sure that it tasted the same!!)

So, I'm putting this on my wish list for Christmas.

(keeping my fingers crossed ... although I might have to find it before then! LOL!)


  1. Aren't her recipes so good?!!! I made her Enchiladas night before last. I have both cookbooks. They ran out of her 2nd one last fall when she was in town at the Mall of America. Glad I brought her first one as I had her sign mine. Yep, I have both. ;) What isn't in her cookbooks that I like is bookmarked on my computer too (or on Pinterest). Her Chicken and dumplings is to die for. I make that a lot. I like her meatballs and mashed potatoes. Like her salsa recipe too. I make her Cajun chicken pasta dish, also very good. I have not hit one yet we didn't like.

    1. Thanks Michelle for filling me in on your favorite recipes. I'll have to check those out too.
      And you lucky girl to have both of those books!

      Hope you're doing well. :)

  2. I have the other of her cookbooks and my kids LOVE her mac and cheese recipe and prefer it over the boxed stuff.

    I've also made her buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese dressing and it's awesome.

    1. Too funny. I just printed off her mac & cheese recipe from her site.