Monday, November 28, 2005

Mmmmmmm!!! The wonderful smells of christmas baking filled our house this past Saturday. I was in such a christmasy mood and a baking one too.
So, I baked & baked all day long. The kids helped at the beginning for a little bit but then they lost interest and went and played, doing their own thing. We baked ginger snaps, some gingerbread men, shortbread cookies, nanaimo bars (wholy cow!! do they use tons of sugar! Yikes!) and hazelnut crescents. Yummy!!!
It was such a good feeling to get so much done and put away in the freezer for the holidays and our company. I'm really starting to get excited about the holidays. Probably because my family is coming here this year for Christmas. We usually go there but this year we decided that we were going to stay home.
We haven't decorated yet but I'm already planning things out in my head. I'll probably start decorating this weekend. We won't be able to decorate the tree yet because we usually get a real one so we'll have to wait 'til we see some good looking ones (and affordable ones, too).

It seems that Christmas is just happening earlier and earlier. This year it seems that way even more so. I don't know what it is but everywhere around me (malls, stores, magazines, my friends) people are getting ready much earlier. I still have to do my christmas shopping!!!! How many of you have finished that already? I know a few people that were done months ago!

Well, off I go to figure out what's for supper, plan some more decorating ideas and menus for the holidays.

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  1. those cookies are GORGEOUS, Cari! Looking pretty yummy! Happy Holidays, my friend! :)