Monday, August 14, 2006

Great weekend!

We got home last night from a great weekend at the lake (staying at some friend's cabin). What a great time. The kids had so much fun playing at the beach on the sand. Kailyn loved being in the water and the little dingy boat. Ryan just preferred to play in the sand with the big trucks. And J.J. did the same thing pretty much. Ate a bit of sand too.
That's the one thing about coming home from the beach. There is sand EVERYWHERE!!!! What a royal pain!!
Plus doing laundry isn't that great here right now either with a machine that isn't working. Hopefully it will get fixed soon ... and I'm hoping this week.

I'm constantly amazed at the generosity of people and friends in our lives. I got an email from a friend this weekend telling me that they were going to give us money to help with our washing machine!!! This is an incredible gift and the thoughtfulness that they have shown us ... well, I am so deeply touched by it. Makes me cry every time I think about it. Thank you - YOU know who you are (and I know that you read my blog sometimes so I hope that you don't mind me saying thank you here and sharing with everyone here.)
God is good. He knows our every needs and He always provides for us in one way or another!

I'll post some pictures of our weekend later on. Remember I'm a film girl so I have to wait to get them developed and see if they're any good first. Hoping so.

Oh ya, one other thing. There is an open DESIGN TEAM call at Creative Xpress right now! I'm not sure how many they're going to add on to the team this year but just thought I'd pass on some info about that. More info will be posted about it later on that's it for now. So, if you're interested start posting some of your work in their Gallery so you get noticed! And good luck! I've really enjoyed my year with them!!! They are wonderful to work with. I'm looking forward to another great year too.

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  1. It is always so kind, yet humbling when people bless us. A friend once told me, "God is using them to bless you!". That helped me accept the gift much easier. We need a new W&D too. I'm glad the Lord blessed you with money for your new set!