Thursday, June 28, 2007

She's finished!

I can't believe it! My girl is finished Grade 1 today! This year went by so fast. It's been so fun to see how her reading has progressed from day 1 until now. That's been the biggest thing ... oh , and of course spelling. It's amazing how quickly they can pick things up. I tell ya, I would hate to learn the English language - there are so many spellings for the same words that I don't know how foreigners can figure it all out.

I was able to go to Kailyn's class today ('cause Tim watched the boys for a while) so that I could help with their class "tasting" party. Each student was to bring in a traditional food that their family ate. Yes, there were some interesting dishes there today!

I kept asking Kailyn what she wanted to take and she kept telling me pumpkin pie. Well, I really didn't want to make that. So, last night I asked her again before she went to bed. She was so sweet. She said pumpkin pie again but then she said "It's ok Mommy. I'll be happy with whatever you do." Well that was all I needed. I made a pumpkin pie!!

(I admit that I went to the store to pie the crust though 'cause I usually make them. I ended up having to make 2 pumpkin pies because I had so much filling!) It smelled so yummy in our house last night that I had a hard time going to sleep!

In the morning she was tickled pink that I had made that for her and she proudly took it to school.

Before I finish here I just wanted to share a layout that I did last week. I just got an email from Layle that I won their monthly contest at Scenic Route (with this layout!!) Yeah!!! Nice way to end off my day.
(sorry for the yucky scan & shadows. Oh, and the black frame around the edge is really even all the way around. Really ... it is!)

Have a great night.
... oh and I forgot to mention that I have a new transparency card class coming in July. So keep your eyes posted here. I'll post the project & dates soon.
Plus a kids class for August! Should be a ton of fun!

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  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    You're such a sweet mama Cari! I loved reading this story.
    Great layout too. Congrats on winning girl!