Friday, February 15, 2008

I didn't know

that we had freezing rain last night!!! Oh my goodness! The roads are horrible this morning. Slick, slick, slick!

It was kinda scary when you see all the cars & trucks in the ditches, a big semi jackknifed on the road, and I keep hearing all these sirens. I had to phone Tim when I got home just to make sure he got to work safely this morning. I was worried. Now I'm worried 'cause I have to go out again. Man! I can't wait for spring!!!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my kids Valentines goodie bags. They really did have fun and their friends loved them! (Ok, I'll admit it! I had fun too! heehee!)

For those of you who read my blog I would love for you to help me out ... in a very small way. It will probably take you less than a minute to do so. (and I'm sure you can spare that right? ;))
I have made up a little survey (of 9 questions) about scrapbooking classes and I would love to get your input. They're very simple & straightforward and I would really appreciate your help! I'll probably do this again sometime but I was just wanting some feedback on this right now.

Here's the link: CLICK HERE

Well, I should go. Got a few things to do around here before I go out again.
Have a great Friday!


  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Freezing rain is scary! I filled out your survey Cari :)

  2. be careful girl! I don't know what's worse...your freezing rain or our severe thunderstorms and tornadoes!