Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall photo session

This past week we had a somewhat sunny day. Well, it was until the time I mentioned to my family about doing a fall photo shoot.
Then it started to cloud over and sprinkle!
Go figure.
Plus they were not completely thrilled with my brilliant and oh-so-fun idea!

Anyways, we made the best of it and found this secluded spot in amongst a pathway and it was perfect because it was still bright and we were sheltered from the rain.

Here are a few pics from our little shoot. (thanks to my hubby for the remote he gave me last christmas).

Shot #1 - not too bad, I must say.


Just being us!

My best friend and amazing husband!!

Another post ... just for fun!

Someone was having fun with my remote!

Me & my sweet girl! Love you K.

Hopefully I didn't bore you all too much with these pics.  We did end up having fun together even though it started out on a miserable note. Funny how those things happen. Such is life.  And it's definitely our life. And I love it!!!

Today my kids have a pro-d day - so no school. I feel bad, though, because I'm still busy working and kitting for some upcoming classes I have next week on the Island. I'm looking forward to a little getaway.


  1. These are fun!!! A great spot for photos! Looks like you littlest had some fun with the remote. :)

  2. Beautiful photos Carri!!!

  3. oops, got carried away with my r's! ....CARI! :)

  4. Beautiful family! Many blessings!!!