Saturday, March 22, 2014

Silhouette Love!

Well, over the past week I've been working on our boys' room - redecorating and reorganizing. It's coming together .... slowly. Still have a few things to do but they are loving it!

They both love basketball and for some time now I've been dreaming of putting up some vinyl designs on their walls.
So I found an image online of a basketball hoop.  I wanted something a bit 'edgy' and not too clean lined looking. So when I saw this image I knew that it would be perfect.

I saved the image to my computer (on my desktop) and then just dragged it into my Silhouette program.
I then clicked on SELECT TRACE AREA button (top right corner) and clicked on trace the image. I then highlighted the image that I wanted to trace, kept the HIGH PASS FILTER checked, and brought the THRESHOLD down to about 42%. I then clicked on TRACE.  The image is then traced and you just drag the photo away to see your red cut image.

I then just sized the image to what I wanted it to be.

I had to cut the design in half because I wanted such a large vinyl image.  So I used the knife tool  and clicked on the SOLID button.
I cut out the first section with black vinyl and did the same for the 2nd half of the project.

To apply the design to the wall I used some transfer paper.

Here's half of the design up and the boys are getting excited.

Applying the second part was a bit trickier because lining up the image wasn't the easiest - mostly because of the design and so many little cuts here & there.

But it turned out pretty good and I'm pleased with the result. (AND I didn't have to spend $30-50 or maybe more!)

So now ... just a few more finishing touches in other areas of the room and we're done. Hopefully.

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  1. That's fabulous! Thanks for sharing the steps in the Silhouette program :)